Chortitzer members elect new authorities

In March, anual meetings of the Asociación Civil Chortitzer Komitee (March 18th) and the Cooperativa Chortitzer Ltda. (March 23rd) were held.  In these meetings, the election of the authorities for both institutions for the term of office of 2021-2024 were confirmed: Presidency of the Board of Directors, 6 members of the Board of Directors, 3 representatives of the Supervisory Board and 3 members of the electoral council.

The positions are elected for a four-year term with the option of one re-election.

The positions were filled as follows

President                                            Ronald Reimer Hiebert

Board of Directors                               Elroy Funk

Ronald Reimer Funk

Walter Sawatzky

Alfred Giesbrecht Friesen

Delmer Froese

Cornelius Schroeder

Supervisory Board                               Erwin Giesbrecht

Viktor Wiebe

Roberto Hiebert

Electoral Council                                 Alfred Giesbrecht Funk

Albert Funk

Sandro Reimer