Insurance reimburses FrigoChorti!

August 7 marks the date on which the Cooperativa Chortitzer Ltda. has been able to receive full compensation for the merchandise affected in the fire of FrigoChorti on April 3, 2019. After this incident, more than 570,000 kilos of beef had to be disposed of. The reimbursement amounted to Guaraníes, coveredy by Seguridad Seguros, thereby fulfilling 100% of the amount requested by the Cooperativa Chortitzer Ltda.  Regarding the insurance of lost infrastructure, the insurance companies remain in the phase of damage assessment and collection of data.

Cooperativa Chortitzer Ltda. – “Employer of the Year 2019”

The editorial board of the magazine “5 Dias” has been awarding companies with outstanding employment qualities in Paraguay for 3 years now. The main objective of the award is to honor the commitment companies make to better the life of employees and so to the development of the country. The prerequisites are to provide employees with a suitable work environment, to encourage employee growth and to meet legal and formal requirements.
The fact that Cooperativa Chortitzer Ltda. has been awarded for the third consecutive year stands for the social responsibility that underscores our company policy.  

Chortitzer wins “Mejor Stand Cooperativo de la Producción”

Lácteos Trébol was awarded “best exhibition stand of production Cooperatives” at the yearly “Expo Mariano Roque Alonso”, a fair for industry and commerce in Paraguay. The central theme is a healthy nutrition with dairy products. Therefore, the “Nutri Héroes del Sabor”, translated “Superheroes of flavor” promote a healthy nutrition from a big variety of products from Trebol.