Kolonie Menno

Birthday celebration for the founding pioneers of Menno Colony in Paraguay

On September 4th, in the presence of the members of the Board of Directors of the Asociación Civil Chortitzer Komitee, the Social Service and the staff of the Nursing Home, a birthday celebration was held for the 8 remaining founding pioneers of  Menno Colony. 92 years ago, 1243 souls settled in the central Chaco and founded Menno Colony. The celebration of their birthday has become tradition. The goal is to honor these people for their work in the years of settlement of the first Mennonite colony in the Chaco, to show appreciation and that they remain a fundamental part and a blessing for the community.
This program included musical contributions, words of the President of the Asociación Civil Chortitzer Komitee, Gustav Sawatzky, as well as a prayer of blessing and the birthday song for the pioneers.
The major pioneer is Mr. Johann Penner. He will be 97 years old on September 21. He was present at the celebration and expressed his joy and gratitude.

Kolonie Menno Kolonie Menno Kolonie Menno