The Asociación Civil Chortitzer Komitee offers elementary education in 11 decentralized schools to more than 1,000 students from preschool to ninth grade. The educational program meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Sciences, is trilingual, and is based on the Christian values of the community.

High school

Through the Colegio Secundario Loma Plata and its branches in Lolita, Paratodo, and Neuhof, about 500 high school students are taught. The high school program includes a variety of teaching projects and extracurricular initiatives such as athletics, football, and volleyball tournaments; poetry, speech, and presentation competitions; mathematics competition; institutional exchange programs with other countries such as Argentina, Canada, and Germany, to name a few.

Chortitzer Cultural Center

An investment in culture and the future. It is the headquarters of the Music Conservatory of the Colegio Secundario Loma Plata with approximately 500 students. Additionally, it has an auditorium for 1,000 people, providing space for a wide range of cultural events such as theater, concerts, congresses, seminars, dance festivals, and many more.

Sheltered Workshop

The Sheltered Workshop promotes social inclusion. Here, people with special needs are dedicated to producing a variety of items. Additionally, field trips, visits, and social events are organized together.