Feed Mill

The fodder plant processes grain harvested from the farmers to feed for cattle. The factory has capacity to receive dry grains of 200 tons per hour and wet grain of 130 tons per hour. The factory’s production capacity is 12 tons per hour, with an expansion project of up to 20 tons per hour in progress.


The cotton gin “Algodonera Chortitzer” is a leader in its industry in Paraguay. The first phase of its construction was completed in 2023, to meet the record harvests of Chaco producers.

Cooking oil

Montesol has established itself as a high quality cooking oil. Although the cultivation of peanuts has shaped a significant part of the history of Cooperative Chortitzer Ltda., this cooking oil is mainly made of safflower. 

Guaiacwood Oil

The essential oil obtained by steam distillation from the wood of the “Palo Santo” (holy wood) trees is known as Guaiacwood Oil. The production of Guaiacwood Oil started back in 1951 and has grown continuously in capacity and quality since then. Guaiacwood Oil is mainly used in the fragrance industry due to its unique woody note and highly fixating properties. No trees are cut for the production of Guaiacwood Oil, as only wood not suitably for other industries like sawmilling and construction is collected from field where government approved land opening already has taken place. Our steam distillation facility has an installed capacity of production of 120 ton/year for Guaiacwood Oil. No other solvents or additives are used.