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Hospital Loma Plata leads COVID testing in the central Chaco

The Hospital Loma Plata has the only COVID-19 testing facility in the central Chaco. The hospital belongs to the Asociación Civil Chortitzer Komitee and offers services for the entire population of the region. Up to 100 COVID-19 tests can be processed daily, with a turnaround of results in 24 to 48 hours. Over the past decade, the Asociación Civil has invested heavily in modernizing the hospital’s infrastructure and equipment. A new pharmacy, a maternity ward and a new intensive care unit were inaugurated in 2019. Only recently, the hospital owned laboratory has been upgraded and equipped for microbiological testing. The intensive care unit has ventilators for a limited number of patients. One of the challenges the institution has to face is access to professional ICU personnel.
The facilities are servicion all the residents of the central Chaco. Hospital Loma Plata has a working agreement with the Paraguayan Health Insurance IPS.
Finally, a word from Jerry Sawatzky, the administrator of Hospital Loma Plata: “The fight against COVID is won in society, not in the hospital. We need to take precautions (social distancing, wash your hands) seriously! “