For information about visits to Loma Plata and guided tours at Chortitzer: +595 981 200 535 or [email protected]


We offer guided tours upon request. Standard tours include a talk and historical presentation, a tour of the Museum of the Foundation, and a visit to Dairy Trebol. Groups are limited to 45 people. Investment: Gs. 200.000.-

Laguna Capitán

Laguna Capitán invites you to spend time in the unique nature of our Chaco. As a natural reserve, you can observe a multitude of birds and other animals. At the Tambo Modelo y Cabaña you can visit the milking sessions and the tame animals.
Camp Laguna Capitán offers accommodation in air-conditioned environments, we have Wi-Fi, Grill, and typical Paraguayan
gastronomy services, in addition to Mennonite meals.
Contact: +595 983 344 463 and / or [email protected]

Campo María ​

Leaving about 80 km from Loma Plata, we arrive at Campo María, a salty lagoon which carries water in the rain season. Particularly interesting is the lookout stand where you can oversee large parts of this natural reserve.

Isla Poí

Near to Laguna Capitán you will find Fortín Isla Poí, a relic of the Chaco War which, at its peak, allocated more than 5000 Paraguayan soldiers.


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