The main goal of this department is technical assistance to the producers and other members of the Cooperativa Chortitzer Ltda. Through training, conferences and national and international seminars, professionals obtain knowledge of new production technologies with the responsibility of transmitting them to farmers on field days. Furthermore, services such as animal clinic and the administration of the experimental farms and the genetic center TAMYCA Laguna Capitán are offered to the members.


The Electric Power Plant of the Cooperativa Chortitzer Ltda. is a licensed distributor of electricity for the region. Our team of construction, maintenance and repair of powerlines ensures a secure electrical network. Numerous emergency generators are held on standby to enable our production plants and producers to function and work normally.


The Logistics Dept. is responsible for transporting the production from the field to the factories, as well as from the factories to the market. The distances to the capital and the market highlight the importance of having a fleet of 74 trucks.



The Trade Department comprises the Chortitzer Supermarkets in Loma Plata and its five branches; sales of automobiles, motorcycles, farming equipment and heavy machinery. Also, the Trade department runs the seven ECOP gas stations within Menno Colony.