Museum of the foundation

Located in the heart of Loma Plata, this Museum tells the story of the founding of Menno Colony. It was built for the fiftieth anniversary in 1977 and is located on the same property as the first administrative buildings in Loma Plata.

Pioneer Park

In addition to being a park in the center of Loma Plata, the Pioneros Park pays homage to the founding pioneers of Menno Colony. Through an outdoor exhibit you can visit historical artifacts of history.

Punta Riel Museum

The Punta Riel Museum is located 70 km from Loma Plata. The infrastructure was built as a railroad station and tells the story of the Troxler family and the adventures of the settlers who visited to purchase and sell goods and merchandise and/or to leave traveling from Colonia Menno. The place has space for Camping, with the Punta Riel Museum, and rooms for accommodation. 

Phone: +595 985 712 874

Osterwick Church

In 1932, only kilometers from the Battle of Boquerón, the first Mennonite church in the Southern Hemisphere was inaugurated. The congregation continues to function until today. The church was restored to bring visitors an impression of the spiritual life of the first settlers.